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Replay of Healthy Eating Webinar Watch the replay of our webinar “Lose Weight the UpLift Way.” Jill Strand, Chris Radke and UpLift Nutritionist Christina Swigart load you up with great advice on healthy eating for a lifetime.

Click Here for the Replay!

Live Group Fitness

Live_Group_Fitness Come to live classes… Insanity, Zumba, Tabata, Kickboxing, Core Booty Shake and more! Our trainers are awesome! Click for schedule.

Yoga with Tatjana

Yoga_Tatjana World-class yoga, led by Tatjana Zemcuznikov. It’s a blend of Yoga, Medical Chigong & Meditation. An oasis of serenity our members cherish!

Fitness on Request

FitnessRequest Dial up any of 42 classes on our 10-foot HD screen with surround sound, any time there isn’t a live class in our new Group Fitness Room! (Classes are for women only.)