About Us

About Us

Chris Radke & Jill Strand were best friends for 15 years prior to opening UpLift Guided Fitness in 2005. They worked together at State Farm Insurance, knew each other’s work ethic and had a love for exercise & living a healthy lifestyle!

State Farm Insurance announced its move to Nebraska and Chris & Jill knew immediately what they wanted to do - open a fitness studio, working closely with women, on their quest to be healthy and fit. They started the exciting work talking about what women needed & wanted in a fitness center. After more than two years of developing a concept based on the best science available for helping women lose weight, gain lean muscle, and live a great life, UpLift Guided Fitness opened its doors in 2005. 

Our mission: Help women live healthier, happier lives through exercise & good nutrition. 

Our concept is simple: offer free personal training & guidance with resistance training, cardiovascular training and nutrition for an extraordinary value.

Welcome to the family!

– Chris Radke (right) and Jill Strand, owners

We believe in strong women

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