Individual Membership

Our concept is simple: offer free personal training & guidance with resistance training, cardiovascular training and nutrition for an extraordinary value.

Membership includes:

  •  FREE personal training: a new program change every 12 work outs
  •  Unlimited group fitness classes
  •  A healthy lifestyle plan, including goal setting with a trainer
  •  Healthy eating guidance. Hit your goals!
  •  A community of women to encourage you and keep you accountable.

If you are looking to:

  • Lose weight
  • Have Tone Muscles
  • Be Stronger and Healthier        

UpLift is your place!  

Become a part of UpLift's community of women and start waking up Strong, Energized & Unstoppable! 

Membership Types

Individual Membership - Includes personal training

  • 18-month: $81/month (5 months free when compared to month-to-month!)
  • 12-month: $92/month
  • Month-to-Month: $104/month

Adult & Youth Membership - Includes personal training

  • 18-month: $118/month (5 months free when compared to month-to-month!)
  • 12-month: $129/month
  • Month-to-Month: $141/month

Student Membership - Includes personal training

  • Month-to-Month: $56

Basic Membership - Personal Training not Included

  • 12 Month:  $56/month
  • Month-to-Month: $66

* A one-time personal training kickoff fee applies to memberships with guidance. Fee varies based on level of membership.
* An annual club enhancement fee of $25 is included with memberships as we are committed to give you the best possible gym experience with continued enhancements to our facility and services.

Extra Offerings

Intensive one-on-one lifestyle change

If you’ve struggled to stick with healthy lifestyle changes, commit to this program and see yourself transform!

If this is you…

Deep down, you know you would get better results with one-on-one help that customizes your nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle behaviors. That you would do better if you had one-on-one accountability. And you want to finally get truly fit!

Everybody has unique challenges, sticking points, food cravings and weaknesses. It takes extra effort for us to drill down deep, to help you find and face your obstacles.

But it can be sooo worth it!

If you’re ready, we will create a health and fitness roadmap that’s custom molded around you. Then, we will help you stick to it. In the end, you emerge as the strongest, healthiest version of yourself!

The new person you see in the mirror will have been transformed, for life.

Program includes

  • you open up and we write down your sticking points
  • deeply detailed exercise plan
  • nutrition training with analysis of your pantry and grocery shopping together
  • new menu plans for tasty, nutrient-dense meals and snacks
  • together, we write your goals and specify the results you want
  • doing it the right way….. exercise….nutrition….sleep……reducing stress
  • if you follow the plan––that you helped craft––your results are guaranteed


2 one-hour sessions per month
6-month commitment: $135 per month
12-month commitment: $100 per month
(3 months free compared to 6-month)

Questions or ready to get started, e-mail Jill at


Extra Personal Training Sessions
UpLift members get ongoing personal attention and help at every workout!

Still, some people do best when they have constant one-on-one assistance and motivation throughout their entire workouts. If that’s you, sign up for One-On-One Personal Training!

60 Minute Session
60 Minute Session
Single Session $80.00 $65.00
5 Session Package $375 ($75 per session) $300 ($60 per session)
10 Session Package $700 ($70 per session) $550 ($55 per session)

Group Non-Member Group Training Member
5 Session Package 2 people - $300 ($60 per session) $225 ($45 per session)
10 Session Package 2 people - $550 ($55 per session) $400 ($40 per session)

Small Group Personal Training
We offer small group training to two individuals at a time. Small Group, Personal Training is available to anyone, whether you’re an UpLift member or not!