Jill Adams

Jill Adams is a NASM certified personal trainer and mother of 3. Jill has been into fitness and health since her early 20’s. She loves lifting and strength and conditioning workouts.

What do you enjoy most about working out at Uplift?

I like seeing the confidence in women while doing a lifting program and I love that everyone helps each other if needed. I like hearing their whys. Some say it’s because they want to keep up with their grandkids, some want to keep up with their own kids, some say it’s because it makes them feel good and to build confidence. Everyone has a why and I love hearing them.

What do you do when you’re not at the gym?

I’m a stay at home mom minus my time at the gym, so I’m generally with my kids, husband and our Great Dane Dwayne. In the summers we are in our pool, at parks and generally just enjoy being outside. I love walking and listening to fitness related podcasts(anything I can do to make my lifts better and help the women at Uplift). I love to read and typically read 3-4 books per month. Cooking is another favorite!

How do you live a healthy lifestyle?