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Healthy Holidays…. curb the threat of holiday temptations

Ah, the holidays! Merriment, jingle-jingle, ho-ho-ho and a barrel of foods you shouldn’t eat but you give yourself temporary permission to be naughty. This is a challenge we all face, as work, shopping, planning, socially-distanced parties, family coming over, and stress can combine to make it hard to resist a few traditional treats, which lead […]


How Stress, Supplements, Water Impact Your Immune System

As we continue to face off against COVID-19, let’s focus on fortifying your body for battle by boosting your immune system. Today we focus on stress, water intake, and nutritional supplementation. Stress and Anxiety If you’re in a pressure cooker job with heaps of tension and drama in your personal life, how you respond to […]


How Nutrition Boosts Your Immune System

Let’s focus on food to boost your immune system. What you eat can greatly improve your chances of successfully battling a coronavirus or other pathogen that dares cross your path! Here’s what the research shows…  • A varied diet of healthy, whole foods is the best source of nutrients. No individual food is the key. […]

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How Exercise Can Save Your Life

As we continue to face off against COVID-19, let’s focus on fortifying your body for battle by boosting your immune system. For the next three issues, we’ll explore how exercise, nutrition, and managing stress combine to fight sickness. As you age, if you don’t exercise regularly (and eat right, and manage stress), your body’s immune […]

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Resistance Training Brings Body Transformation!

It might seem counterintuitive, but resistance training is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. ‘Lifting weights’ has a myriad of benefits you can’t afford to miss out on. Resistance increases muscular strength by making your muscles work against force. It can include free weights, machines, bands or your own body weight. […]

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Beyond the Mirror: Measuring Fitness Progress

Keeping track of your fitness progress helps you adopt healthy habits. Tracking also allows you to see if what you are doing is working or changes need to be made. Here are some great ways to track your progress. Body Mass Index (BMI) A healthy BMI correlates with more energy, feeling good, and a decreased […]

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Train to be a Kick-butt 90-year-old

As time marches in our lives, our natural gifts of movement have to be trained and retrained or they fade away. After so many years of being motivated mainly by how you look and the desire to lose weight, the challenge of replicating simple physical acts becomes a surprising focus. “Why aren’t we training to […]

Workout partners are great for accountability.

Lean on Thee to Make Me Strong

Accountability partners keep health dreams on track You have a dream of being healthier and losing weight. But who’s gonna know if you eat a bucket of chocolate chip cookie dough instead of       exercising? The food police don’t have enough boots on the ground to track you around the clock. You certainly […]


The Power of Simplicity

Whatever your age or health status, one thing you have total control over is your diet and exercise. But common excuses like, “eating healthy is expensive” or “I just can’t eat veggies and protein all day long” or “I don’t have time for exercise”, can deter you from improving your diet and exercise routine.  Know […]


A Journey’s New Beginning: One women’s road toward health and wellness

My health and fitness journey can be summarized in one word: restarting. On a Monday morning or the first of the month, I have fresh optimism. The benefits are almost immediate. Even 20 minutes of cardio increases my energy and uplifts my emotions. After a week or two, I build stamina and momentum. Then life […]


Healthy Lifestyle Routine

Routines are so helpful when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. We have three core activities in our healthy lifestyle routine: Meal planning Meal prepping Scheduling workouts in weekly time chunks There’s one other ingredient that makes this routine magic: consistency. We will admit, living a healthy lifestyle takes time and commitment. But, consistent […]

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Three Things Lead to a Longer, Healthy Life

When it comes to fitness, you probably have an end goal in mind: a certain weight, what you want to look like, or what you want to be able to do. But in the real world, getting real results can be tough. As full-time trainers, we see so many people with steely resolve and solid […]


Fitness: Clean Slate Creates Amazing Results 

Don’t let past failures prevent success now  We all want a strong and healthy body but thoughts about past failures can stop us from developing healthy habits now. As a trainer, I hear a similar tale over and over: I’ve struggled with weight all my life. I’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked. Oh, wow, […]


Change your Habits, Change your Life

How do healthy people stay healthy? They make it easy on themselves. They develop habits that are automatic. No decision making needed. Those habits lead directly to a healthy and strong body and mind.  The key to eating healthier, exercising regularly, being financially secure and much more is understanding your habits and making changes if […]


Is High Intensity Training the Yearned-for Fountain of Youth?

We all dream of the mythical fountain of youth. As fitness professionals, you would expect us to say that regular exercise and clean eating greatly benefit your life. But what if we could tell you with increased confidence that exercise can halt or even reverse the aging of your body? Big stuff, but the evidence […]