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UpLift Guided Fitness offers wellness programs for businesses to help employees (and patients!) become healthier.

The mission of our corporate wellness program is to establish healthy habits – which, in turn, reduce chronic disease, improve morale and lower health care costs.

We are well equipped to create a program for your business, tailored to your employees’ specific health goals. The result is positive change that’s measurable!

Options include:

  • Employee discounted UpLift memberships
  • Health and Wellness Employee Challenges
  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Exercise Seminars
  • Annual Wellness Programs
  • And more!

Balanced nutrition, strength training, cardiovascular fitness, health monitoring, weight loss. Without the right help, navigating a path to lasting results can be overwhelming. And when people feel overwhelmed, they’re less likely to embrace change.

For many, proper training, monitoring, and encouragement are the keys to success. Supporting a workplace wellness program will encourage your employees to adopt healthier lifestyles.

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Jill Piechowski & Terri Kalupy

Art & Science Family Dentistry, Woodbury

The UpLift Corporate Wellness Program provided our team at Art & Science Family Dentistry a great opportunity to come together and strengthen our knowledge of the importance of consistent exercise and balanced nutrition. The discussions gave us detailed information regarding nutrition and exercise. It was interesting to learn the effects sugar, salt and protein have in our diet and how we also need the healthy fats. We received many great snack and meal ideas. We all have a better understanding of how the balance of strength training, cardiovascular training and flexibility are also three keys to achieving optimal health. We set personal goals, focusing on the healthy habits we each need to put in place. We were able to measure our weight and body fat as a starting point at the first meeting. The UpLift team came back for follow-up visits to discuss our progress and encourage us on how to stay on track and achieve our goals. It can be difficult to know the correct steps to take to achieve success, but with guidance and encouragement from UpLift, we each had a plan for how to create a healthier lifestyle. Thank you, UpLift!

Brenda Tracy

Central Pediatrics, Woodbury

I participated in Central Pediatrics’ employee wellness program that UpLift led. This 6-week healthy habits program changed my exercise and nutritional habits. UpLift taught me what foods are best for my body and what foods should be avoided. I began to exercise on a consistent basis, too, as both exercise and good nutrition are needed to reach my goals. In those 6 weeks, I lost 10.5 pounds and continue to keep these habits in my life. We had fun working out as a group, supporting and encouraging each other. I noticed, too, that we grew together more tightly as an employee team.

Sue McMahon

Sergeant - Woodbury Police Department

Officer health and fitness is important to our department. Over the past year we worked with UpLift’s employee wellness program, and their approach helped put exercise and good nutrition at the forefront of our officers’ minds. The various nutrition seminars taught us how to make better food choices, and increase our knowledge about healthy eating. UpLift offered a variety of exercise classes, from strength and resistance training to cardiovascular training. The benefits are being noticed in our day-to-day work.