Lifestyle Program

Intensive one-on-one lifestyle change.

If you’ve struggled to stick with healthy lifestyle changes, commit to this program and see yourself transform!

If this is you…

Deep down, you know you would get better results with one-on-one help that customizes your nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle behaviors. That you would do better if you had one-on-one accountability. And you want to finally get truly fit!

Everybody has unique challenges, sticking points, food cravings and weaknesses. It takes extra effort for us to drill down deep, to help you find and face your obstacles.

But it can be sooo worth it!

If you’re ready, we will create a health and fitness roadmap that’s custom molded around you. Then, we will help you stick to it. In the end, you emerge as the strongest, healthiest version of yourself!

The new person you see in the mirror will have been transformed, for life.

Program includes

  • you open up and we write down your sticking points
  • deeply detailed exercise plan
  • nutrition training with analysis of your pantry and grocery shopping together
  • new menu plans for tasty, nutrient-dense meals and snacks
  • together, we write your goals and specify the results you want
  • doing it the right way….. exercise….nutrition….sleep……reducing stress
  • if you follow the plan––that you helped craft––your results are guaranteed


Weekly support & accountability for changes that will guide you on your path to wellness.
6-month commitment: $135 per month
12-month commitment: $100 per month
(3 months free compared to 6-month)

Questions or ready to get started, e-mail Jill at