Success Stories

Joan Skluzacek

Uplift is a non-competitive environment where diverse women are accepted just as they are and helped to develop and achieve their own goals. Judgment and comparison are minimized in favor of encouragement and support. The diversity of work out activities available is great and having the trainers on the floor to help us use our time there effectively is a great advantage. The trainers are engaged and emotionally present with me. They teach skills and safety with spirit and humor and offer enthusiastic support. They meet me where I am in my process, encourage experimentation and creativity, and fine tune my program according to my individual needs. They have been very open to coordinating my exercise program with the recommendations of my physical therapist.

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Linda Day Anderson

I learned about UpLift Guided Fitness from an article in Woodbury Magazine and literally carried it in my brief case for months before finally calling them. I was planning on retiring and wanted to make it a priority to lose weight and get in shape in order to make the most of the next phase of my life. The trainers at UpLift create workouts that fit my needs and challenge me every step of the way, not only with exercise but nutrition as well. I lost 83 pounds with their guidance and have kept it off for a year and a half. UpLift has helped me change my lifestyle, which has made positive healthy changes in my body. They understand the struggles of losing weight and are there every day to help me move toward my goals. Joining UpLift was the best thing I ever did for myself!

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Jana Langan

UpLift Guided Fitness for Women is a one-of-a-kind gym!!! I have been a member for more than nine years. Before I joined UpLift, I had never worked out at a gym and was afraid of the unknown of resistance training. The trainers at UpLift create personal routines for me that are unique and innovative. I know that I’m not just another person there. The trainers truly care about my progress and success in reaching the goals t I have set. They regularly re-evaluate and tweak my plan so that it works best for me and my body on a consistent basis. The one-on-one guidance and attention is excellent! I am consistently impressed by the professionalism, commitment and dedication each and every trainer has for us, as members. The atmosphere at UpLift is professional, friendly, never intimidating, always empowering and fun!!! All of the members are enthusiastic and passionate about fitness. Because of the love for fitness that I now have (because of UpLift), in April, 2013, I was able to compete in my first, and certainly not my last, fitness competition. The support, assistance and encouragement I received from the trainers and members is INCREDIBLE! I cannot even imagine my life without UpLift Guided Fitness… it has become my second home! I LOVE TRAINING HERE! Thank you for everything! With love, Jana

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Monica Anderson

After researching the choices, I decided UpLift was the place for me. The trainers are great; they’re always on the floor teaching, assisting, and keeping me motivated. They help me understand nutrition and the best nutrient-dense foods my body needs to be at its healthiest. I love every routine, and the results have far exceeded my expectations. I feel better, stronger and healthier than ever! Update: I have had two babies now and did the pregnancy workouts UpLift developed throughout my pregnancy. It has made labor and delivery easier, as well as getting my body back after my babies were born. As Mom’s, we must take care of ourselves, even when life gets really busy. The guidance I receive at UpLift is amazing!

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Jess Benson

I joined UpLift in November of 2006. When I started, the only thing I knew about resistance training was that it was something I “should” do, because it was good for maintaining bone density and gaining core stability. I never thought I could gain visible muscles. I cannot believe how much my feelings have changed! Resistance training is the key to fitness and good health. I love lifting weights. I plan to have resistance training in my exercise plan forever. I have lost 20 pounds without really trying. I’ve lost inches and measurements. I’ve gained muscles that I can actually see. I’ve made changes to my diet with the guidance of UpLift. I eat more whole grains, more blueberries, and more vegetables than I ever had before. UpLift is an incredible place to start and continue your exercise program. The personal one-on-one attention is second to none. If I have a question, there’s always someone there to help. The monthly program changes are essential in keeping fitness fun and interesting. The personal attention that I get at UpLift would cost much more money at another gym.

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Char Neely

I became a member at UpLIft because I wanted to get strong and fit! UpLIft has a very guided approach and I meet with a personal trainer every 12 workouts to get a new routine. Free personal training included in my membership! I knew I needed resistance training to maintain healthy bones and to develop strong muscle structure as I aged. After joining UpLift, my bone density increased almost 6 percent. My doctors were astonished and so was I. After an hour session, I feel revived physically and emotionally. I am physically stronger because I go to UpLift. My arms are firmer and shapelier and I have great balance. I feel better emotionally and not just on workout days, but for days after. I know this may sound silly, but my vision is clearer, my thought process more focused. More importantly, I feel happy, healthy, content – like superwoman! UpLift trainers have helped me understand nutrition as well. The trainers help you get your nutrition on track and encourage eating often, moderation, and education. They help you change your eating habits. I love talking to women about UpLift! I tell them all of the above, and add that the energy and good spirits of all the members adds to this special “women-only” atmosphere. You will love it here

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