Chris Radke


Chris Radke, UpLift owner, is a lifelong exerciser, certified as a personal trainer by the American Council on Exercise (ACE). She is 51 and mother of two.

Chris has 25 years of experience in dance training and competitions, which took her all over the world. She won many dance awards, including National Performing Arts Champion. Her dance skills also helped her win a spot as a Minnesota Vikings cheerleader. Chris is passionate about strength training, and extremely positive and motivating as a trainer.

Favorite exercise to teach at Uplift?

I love the feeling of strength from any free weight or machine exercise. My favorite is to design different techniques within the program such, as what is called a “ladder” or “superset” technique. It can be applied to most exercises and provides a great way of increasing the intensity of your workout than would be possible training in a traditional way.

How do you stay motivated?

By knowing how good I will feel, both inside and out, I am motivated to stay active. I have the help of friends and family to keep me accountable by setting up workout dates to have them join me!

What do you do for exercise outside of the gym?

I LOVE to go dancing with my husband, Todd (or anyone that is willing to participate on the dance floor), mountain biking with the family, and I have an elliptical at home where I pass the time while watching one of my favorite shows, like Grey’s Anatomy or The Crown.

Best advice for someone wanting to get healthier and fit?

Find what you enjoy doing for exercise and be consistent with it. Need additional motivation? Find a partner to do those things with you, to help stay accountable and consistent. Assess what has worked in the past and make a plan, setting realistic goals in both exercise and nutrition. Find balance in your life.

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