Worn-Out White Vans

Have you ever asked yourself, “how could I possibly find time to prioritize exercise?” We are always running, and too often lost in the dust are healthy nutrition and time for working out.

It’s particularly true of women that we tend to pour more into others than we do ourselves, and we force-feed the time needed to help even when we are over-scheduled. It all leaves us feeling like a worn-out pair of white Vans.

Care for Yourself

What if you took care of yourself with the same dedication and tenderness that you show toward others? Try it, because self-care keeps you stronger and more whole. Care for yourself first and there actually becomes more of you to spread around.

Get enough sleep and your patience with friends and family skyrockets. Amazingly, you are hitting your weekly exercise goals. Regular workouts motivate you to stick to healthy eating goals. In goes lean protein, more veggies, and more fruit. You stop craving processed foods.

It becomes a cycle of success, leaving you feeling strong, confident, and capable.

If you were to study the ‘you’ after all these good things take root, and the ‘you’ that felt so run down and stressed, it would appear they are two different people.

They are! Over time, your outlook on life becomes more positive as energy levels increase. You see your body thanking you for strengthening it and fueling it properly. But even more, the way your body feels is the biggest reward, and that feeling spreads to all areas of your life.

Prioritizing nutrition and exercise is so much more than just being fit; it’s about loving and taking care of yourself. It’s about making and keeping commitments to yourself, showing up every day ready to take on life with positivity and determination.

Know that you are loved, and have the power to do anything you set your mind to!

So: how are you going to start scheduling time for nutrition and exercise?


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