Healthy Habits 004: Praise Exercise & Andrea!

photo of Andrea Scofield, special guest on Healthy Habits show #4

Listening to the sentiments of many people, who are mainly interested in losing weight, you might get the impression that exercise plays second fiddle to nutrition on the scales of health. Not so, say UpLift owners Chris Radke and Jill Strand, and they’re here to sing the praises of exercise in our cover story.

Our special guest is UpLift member Andrea Scofield, who has an inspiring story of transformation to share. Active and healthy as a youth, she took a different path in high school and beyond, gained a lot of weight, and wandered through life without joy and ambition until she discovered the power of clean eating and consistent exercise. She is extremely articulate, and what she has accomplished in less than two years will amaze you…

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