Terri Beckstead

Joining UpLift Guided Fitness has significantly improved the quality of my life! I lost seven pounds and saw a notable difference in muscle tone in just my first several weeks of membership. I feel more energetic and confident, I am stronger and have easily been able to maintain my ideal weight this year.

My friends have been singing the praises of UpLift for years. After my hysterectomy a few years ago, my metabolism really slowed and I was slowly gaining extra weight and feeling less energetic. I decided to give Uplift a try knowing that strength training and good nutrition would make all the difference in my health.

UpLift offers a perfect balance of training & support. I love having my workout changed every 12 visits (every month). It cost thousands of dollars over a few months for my husband and I to work with a trainer at a local big box gym

I love that UpLift is a women’s only gym and I love the staff and the energy of the members. I recommend Upift every time I have an opportunity because the experience has been so positive for me personally!