Char Neely

I became a member at UpLIft because I wanted to get strong and fit! UpLIft has a very guided approach and I meet with a personal trainer every 12 workouts to get a new routine. Free personal training included in my membership! I knew I needed resistance training to maintain healthy bones and to develop strong muscle structure as I aged. After joining UpLift, my bone density increased almost 6 percent. My doctors were astonished and so was I.

After an hour session, I feel revived physically and emotionally. I am physically stronger because I go to UpLift. My arms are firmer and shapelier and I have great balance.

I feel better emotionally and not just on workout days, but for days after. I know this may sound silly, but my vision is clearer, my thought process more focused. More importantly, I feel happy, healthy, content – like superwoman!

UpLift trainers have helped me understand nutrition as well. The trainers help you get your nutrition on track and encourage eating often, moderation, and education. They help you change your eating habits. I love talking to women about UpLift! I tell them all of the above, and add that the energy and good spirits of all the members adds to this special “women-only” atmosphere. You will love it here