Fitness: Clean Slate Creates Amazing Results 

Don’t let past failures prevent success now 

We all want a strong and healthy body but thoughts about past failures can stop us from developing healthy habits now.

As a trainer, I hear a similar tale over and over: I’ve struggled with weight all my life. I’ve tried everything, and nothing has worked.

Oh, wow, how a clean slate can create amazing results.

My follow-up questions during a discussion like this:

“Have you been consistent with exercise and good nutrition?”

“Have you included resistance and cardiovascular training on a regular basis?”

In virtually all cases, the answer is no to both questions.

There is only one takeaway from this incredibly hopeful story: consistent exercise and eating good most of the time will get you a healthy body––with the bonus of getting down to your ideal weight.

Clean the Slate

So, how are we going to make this happen for you?

• You need a plan for both exercise and nutrition. 

• Write it out today and get started this week.

• Make time for yourself if you want results.

Here’s the secret formula:

• Plan out days and times for exercise and don’t let anything get in the way.

• When life happens and you lose a day or two of exercise, add in another day or two and save your week.

• Plan and prepare your food every week. Spend time thinking about it. Find healthy recipes you love and make them a lot. Don’t give yourself permission to get bored with healthy foods.

• Eat at home most of time. 

You have control over your health. Move it in a positive direction. It might sound impossible, but the effort it takes to eat good foods, and exercise, more than pays you back! You will uncover a flood of energy and strength after you burn a lot working out. Everything you do becomes easier and your body can fight off most chronic disease, and you just plain feel good, and this simple formula creates a cycle of happiness.

You can do it, even if it feels like you’ve tried everything. You haven’t.

Let’s wipe your slate clean and get started on what you can do.

  • Jill Strand
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