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When you’re in the gym at UpLift, every day is like a casual seminar on what it takes to lose weight the healthy way, build strength, and care for your overall well-being. If you had the time, you could hang out on the floor and listen to the trainers dish advice and inspiration until it all came into focus. Then, you could apply it to your own life.

If we could only bottle this, so anyone could tap into the atmosphere of UpLift.

That’s the challenge we gave ourselves, and we found a way to do it, through the Healthy Habits Podcast. It’s not as if diet, exercise and motivation are brand new topics that no one else is talking about. But we are so proud of the team we have, the expertise and perspective that makes UpLift special, and we wanted to share.

What the Heck is a Podcast?

Podcasts are radio shows that ‘air’ on the Internet. There are podcasts on pretty much any topic you can imagine. Listen when it’s convenient for you.

Instead of turning on a radio, you listen on your smartphone, tablet or computer. Or in your vehicle. Millions of people download their favorite shows and listen as they commute, work in the garden, workout, go for a walk… wherever.

Because you’re interested in getting (and staying!) healthy, we think you’ll like Healthy Habits Podcast.

What’s the Formula?

Our show features…

* UpLift owners/trainers Chris Radke and Jill Strand, who have great chemistry together, tackle one topic at a time, going into depth on it.

* UpLift trainers Natalie McCann, Kami Meier, Christine Smith, Tatjana Zemcuznikov, Carrie Lyles and Katie Flanagan stop in to offer their unique knowledge and inspiration.

* UpLift nutritionist Christina Swigart, talking about all things healthy eating.

* UpLift members with compelling stories to share.

* Each show is about a half hour long.

* We publish a new episode every month.

How can I find it?

Here are the ways you can listen to Healthy Habits…

1) Listen at our website

You’re already here!

Just hover your mouse over the “More” tab – choose “Healthy Habits Podcast” from the dropdown menu.

The most recent episode appears in the big player that spans across the top of the display, but you can click on any episode in the list on the right.

It’s easy to click the download button, or the social media sharing buttons. We appreciate you sharing our podcast with your friends! You can even click the email icon and email links to our episodes to anyone in your contact list.

Shortcut: just click here!

2) Subscribe in iTunes

If you’re an iTunes user, click here:

When you get to this page, you are NOT actually in iTunes, but you are looking at the web page for our iTunes feed. Click “View in iTunes” and it takes you there.

You can now listen to episodes, subscribe (meaning you’ll get each new episode delivered as soon as it’s ready) and leave us a rating/review.

3) Listen on Stitcher

Stitcher is another great place to listen to podcasts. (Car makers are starting to put Stitcher in new vehicles.) Click here to find our Stitcher page:

4) Use Downcast or Pocket Casts

You can also use an app to listen to podcasts. There are a million of them, but we have strong suggestions for you based on real experience…

If you have an Apple device (iPhone, iPad), consider using Downcast. This is what UpLift’s podcast producer, Mark Strand, uses to listen to a wide variety of podcasts.

Click here: and then choose the version for a Mac computer (Mac App Store) or iPhone/iPad (App Store).

If you have an Android (or Apple) device, consider the app called Pocket Casts.

Click here: and choose your version.

No matter how you listen to our podcast, THANK YOU! And no matter where you are or what you’re doing at the time, we’ll meet you there!

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