Are your hormones making you crazy?

by Christina Swigart, M.S., Licensed Nutritionist

Many women feel the daily battle of fluctuating hormones. Symptoms can include mood swings, bloating, depression, headaches, uterine pain (a result of cramps, fibroids, cysts, endometriosis, etc.), weight gain, cravings, hot flashes, infertility, PCOS, memory loss, brain fog, vaginal dryness, and the list goes on.

Unfortunately, women are not always aware of options that get to the root of the problem. It is often symptom management only. What if I told you it is possible to rebalance your hormones without relying on hormone replacement, birth-control pills, pain pills, or surgery?

We must look at what is going on throughout your body. Start with eating real, whole foods to improve gut health. The digestive system is central to your whole health, including hormonal balance. It can be the starting point for inflammation and, when ignored, can turn into many other health imbalances, including hormonal issues.

After the digestive system, balanced blood sugar, adrenals, and thyroid have to be considered. So often, getting these three things on track greatly reduces or even clears up hormonal imbalances.

If there are still problems , there are many ways to naturally support the body’s manufacturing and metabolism of hormones to bring about healing and balance, beyond simply numbing the symptoms. In extreme cases where women need relief right away, there are options to manage symptoms while rebalancing other systems.

If you are frustrated by hormonal madness, take a look at what you are putting in your mouth each day. Avoid the processed foods that are laden with sugar and processed fats and fill your plate with lean and clean protein, lots of colorful vegetables, and healthy fats. This is key to beginning to reduce inflammation and balancing blood sugar. This will give you a good foundation to begin balancing gut and digestive health, then methodically work your way toward whole-body balance.

Christina Swigart, M.S., Licensed Nutritionist at UpLift Guided Fitness in Woodbury, is available for one-on-one consultations.

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