Life-restoring Surgery Makes me Whole Again

Many times, I have felt so humbled through this experience in the last 10 days and I am sure more moments will again, bring me to tears in thanks.  I had another one of those moments this morning and it moved me to want to share and record this part of my journey.

It has been three years in the making for my reality of needing total hip replacement to finally come true.  The cortisone shots no longer worked to ease the pain and as the surgeons told me… you will know when your quality of life is at the point you will be ready.   I had come to that day.  But what I did not anticipate what how much this surgery was going to enlighten my life in many other ways as well.

Thankful for the professional and heartfelt care received by so many people that were a part of the day of surgery.  From the doctor to those that greeted us upon arrival….they all were incredible in making both me and my family comfortable throughout the process.  

Humbled to the thoughts and prayers of so many family and friends.  From those I see most every day in my life, to many whom I have not seen in years… taking the time to send their well wishes.   Blessed by the depth of the love I received from my family at my side, day to day on this journey.  Humbled by their help in so many ways from the days beginning, of helping me shower and dress, to tucking me at night with all the needed necessities by my beside.  Thankful to all those in my extended UpLift family who are helping to fulfill in my absence, the responsibilities I would normally be doing.

Amazed at how science and the knowledge of intelligent men and women evolved to create the Corail hip replacement to help so many carry on a pain free and active life.  I am excited to be able to again do many of the activities I have been limited in doing the past 3 years.  Amazed of what the doctors now know what to have us do, to heal and minimize the risks that go along with surgery.  Although a nuisance and uncomfortable, wearing the compression socks and leg pumps 20 of the 24 hours helps give comfort to know blood clotting is less likely in recovery and after.  The guidance on the required PT exercises, although minor moves, are a huge step in helping strengthen us to full recovery.

Humbled in realizing the body’s need for the extensive rest and good nutrients it takes to heal.  In the beginning, I was surprised about the mass amount of energy my body exerted just to take a shower….. and what it takes to help ease the pain…. the help needed to move from one place to another and to just be positioned correctly while at rest.  The realization that a good moment can quickly be followed with intense pain and how important it is to listen to the body and not to overdo it.  The ultimate respect I have for the amazing machine our body is and the dedication it takes in ourselves to be healthy.

During my hours and hours of rest, there was much time to fill and my initial intent was to begin watching programs that the masses are consumed by, yet I had never seen, such as Game of Thrones.  Instead, as I searched other options, I was drawn to the programing that would give me knowledge and excitement about our current season of Easter.  I watched many different programs which brought to life the stories of the Bible both BC and AD.  

Right now, I am unable to strengthen my body in the traditional ways I am used to with exercise, but instead I am strengthening my soul, spirit and knowledge about our creator in ways I have not dedicated my time in this way in the past.  And the quiet time spent at rest, learning and watching, is filling me with a different, yet more important kind of strength from the inside out.

My life is forever changed by this experience.  And the words of being
Humbled * Thankful * Blessed * Amazed * Surprised * Excited
will forever be ways I will remember each and every moment.

I hope my story is a way that you can reflect in ways that you too are humbled, thankful, blessed, amazed, surprised & excited in your life without having to endure a specific experience as I have.  And with each day, we all continue to strengthen ourselves inside and out….and be grateful.                   –– Chris Radke

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