Beth Kothe

Beth fell in love with barre classes six years ago while she was in her mid
50’s. She loved it so much she trained to teach and share it with others.
Over the past four years, she has taught over 600 classes, including
teaching online from her basement barre during the Covid shutdown. She
is passionate about helping women connect with their bodies to celebrate
what they can do as they grow in strength, balance and mobility. All moves
in barre class can be modified to accommodate different levels of ability
due to injury or just life. She is the mom to four and grandma to six. She
has a B.S. in paralegal studies and worked in both law firms and
corporations for over 25 years. When not at the barre, you will find her at
home with a crochet project or a book (winter), on the St. Croix River
(summer), traveling or chasing grandkids.

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