Class Descriptions

UpLift’s group fitness classes are fun! They build variety into your workouts, improve core strength and balance, burn calories and leave you feeling like you can take on the world.

Asana Yoga
This healing class uses the postures of yoga to better improve posture – restoring and maintaining an individual’s well-being and improving the body’s flexibility and vitality. Please note this 60-minute class is in a slightly warmer temperature.
Instructor: Jill Mazanec

Both 35- and 45-minute options on the calendar! This class uses all the muscles in the body and is NON-IMPACT. Think Ballet class for adults, only with more energy! The primary focus is using the small muscles in the body to help achieve that long, lean look of a dancer. Upper body and core conditioning are also included.
Instructors:  Michelle Scheuermann & Meg May

Barre Cardio
Ready to up the sweat factor?  The best of both worlds, this class blends everything you already know about barre with toning cardio moves.  Non-impact class uses light weights to improve your energy levels and increase your heart rate.  Michelle uses high-energy music and fun moves that will make this 35-minute class fly by, but burn serious calories!
Instructor:  Michelle Scheuermann

Mat Pilates
Pilates is a system of stretches and strengthening exercises to help tone, improve posture, flexibility, balance and alignment. Our mind and body will work together for this low impact yet challenging class where we learn this exercise discipline that has been around since the early 1900's. We can transfer these principals of posture and biomechanics to our daily lives which will help us in our overall fitness.
Instructor: Meg May

Barre + Pilates Fusion
This class will incorporate Ballet Barre and Pilates principals to work all of the muscles body in a systematic, low impact format. Think Ballet class for adults, only with more energy. This class will include focus and concentration on spinal care, pelvic placement and deep muscle work. Small stabilizer muscles of the abdomen as well as dep muscles of the glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps will be worked. In addition, upper body muscles will be worked with low weights and high repetitions.
Instructor: Meg May

This 35-minute class is the best way to combine cardio and strength! This workout tones your body, gets your heart pumping, and improves your endurance.
Instructor:  Meg May

Cardio HIIT
This 30 minute class will push you to your limits and beyond.  We will use the cardio machines to do a series of short, timed intervals pushing ourselves to the max.  Intervals will be followed by a small rest period  and another interval.  This is a quick way to elevate your heart rate, burn calories and get your day started out right!  We will finish with abs, stretch and cool down.
Instructor:  Meg May

Restore Yoga
In this slow and easy paced class, you will experience a synergy of movement and stillness that promote healing & rejuvenation and lead to increased mobility, stability, flexibility and tranquility.
Instructor:Tatjana Zemcuznikov
Tatjana holds a Master’s degree in counseling and education and Certification in several holistic modalities. As important as it is to work out, it is essential to take the time to work in. Deep healing is an inside job!! With clarity and humor, Tatjana teaches the integration of body and mind, breath and movement. She offers an oasis of serenity wherein participants are given tools for personal growth, physical health and a quiet mind.

Tabata is a 16-minute cardio interval formatted within a 30 minute class. You will be encouraged to push to your anaerobic threshold during each 20-second station. Resting for 10 seconds between intervals. Stretching is included to complete this total body workout.
Instructors: Jill Mazanec & Meg May 

Silver&Fit Excel

Silver and Fit is a class designed for older active adults who are looking for a fun and challenging class, but may need some modifications. There will always be a chair available to use as a modifier. We will use a variety of equipment such as hand weights & balls.

The class will consist of a warm up, cardio, weights, balance and brain exercises and a cool-down all in a low impact, safe, supportive and fun environment. This functional fitness class will help you improve your level of fitness so you are able to better perform your daily tasks of living
Instructor: Meg May

Wellbeats Fitness Classes
Inside our Group Fitness Room, sits the true temple of variety with our “Virtual Group Fitness System” by Wellbeats. Any time no live class is scheduled, you can dial up any of 40+ group fitness classes that play in high definition on an enormous screen with surround sound speakers.

Push a button and a 10-foot wide, 5-foot high HD screen lowers itself from the ceiling.
Press start and your chosen class begins. The variety is outstanding. Choose from many different categories of classes that vary in length of time. The quality of production and instructors is excellent, and our members love it.

Join the Party! Dance your way to fitness while taking a world tour of dance rhythms. Zumba is a highly effective interval style cardio workout set to upbeat world beats with fun and easy to follow routines. Using a combination of fast and slow rhythms, we’ll maximize the calorie burn and tone your body. Get lost in the music and find yourself fit and energized!
Instructor: Colleen Vickerman

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