Why You Need Resistance Training in Your Life!

By Jill Strand


Immediately, from the first workout, resistance training burns fat from among the fibers of muscle tissue. This begins the shaping process that will mature over time, allowing you to see what your muscles (and your body) can look like.

The effect on a woman’s bones is astounding. Resistance training can take the place of hormone replacement therapy to stave off, and even reverse, the process of bone density loss that often leads to osteoporosis.

A well-designed program of weight resistance training will place “tension” on certain muscle insertion points, strengthening the cortical (outside) bones. In a woman who trains with resistance regularly, the bones actually grow in size and gain strength through increased density. The advantage of a stronger skeleton – and stronger muscles to hold it in alignment – is a body that performs better for everything from shopping to recreational activities, for many more years.

Want to lose weight and get toned? You must incorporate resistance training into your routine.

Many women believe that running on a treadmill, riding a bike, or working out on an elliptical trainer is the ultimate way for them to “lose weight” and get into shape. But the fact is that, as you progress in your weight-training program, it’s as if you get a two-for-one deal.

As you transform the shape of your body with the weights, you also give your heart the identical workout it gets on the treadmill. Your bones are getting stronger, your heart is getting stronger, and you turn yourself into a blast furnace that burns fat. (Science has shown that, after a training session that includes resistance, your body continuously burns fat calories at an accelerated rate for about 72 hours. This is because the body has to “work hard” in response to the challenges you put it through when resistance is used through a range of motion. The effect is more dramatic, and lasts longer, than recovery from a session on the treadmill alone).

Results Define the Bottom Line

Once women get past any psychological barriers to incorporating resistance training into their workouts, they see amazing results from it – if they do it right. While it’s true that it takes more knowledge to learn good weight-lifting technique than to walk or ride a bike, all women become excellent performers with guidance at UpLift.

Along with the appearance and health benefits, women typically also notice a boost in self-confidence that comes with accomplishment and learning a new set of skills. Rather than dreading another “same old, same old” exercise routine, they come to enjoy the feeling of grasping the bar and moving it with their emerging muscles.

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