Michelle Scheuermann


You teach barre– how would you describe it to newbies?

I absolutely love barre – it is the best non-impact, core and leg defining workout that is just so fun to do. It is small, intense movements meant to help you lengthen and define. But because you are working major muscle groups, you are getting your heart rate up! My barre classes are a blend of yoga and pilates as well as I believe in incorporating breath with movement. 

What do you enjoy most when it comes to working out at Uplift?

Since I work from home, it is a chance to simply get out of the house and focus just on “me” for however long I can. And I’ve never would have become a teacher if it weren’t for the encouragement of the ladies around me – especially Jill and Chris. 

How important is music to you when working out?

Music is my life!! I grew up playing the saxophone  flute and piano and learned a variety of styles. I think that background helps me not only guide during class, but also create jamming playlists for each class – and I take requests! If you have the right music for the class, you can push harder and the energy level goes WAY up.

Do you have a motto, or a philosophy that helps guide your life?

“Possibility blooms with each new day” – I have it on my kitchen wall and “You are so loved” which is in my bedroom – both as a reminder to myself as much as it is for my husband. 

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