Ann Marie Cimperman

What is the best advice you can give someone who wants to get healthier and fit?   I like to help people figure out their ‘Why’.  If you want to lose weight, that’s great, but why?  And when you reach your goal, what will your life look like then?  Let’s figure out together how to stay on track, reach those goals, and then stay motivated!
How do you stay motivated?  A great community like UpLift certainly helps.  I try to focus on the things I have done well, and not get down on myself about the things I could have done better.  We can learn from our missteps, instead of feeling guilt/shame about them. 
What do you do for exercise outside of the gym?  I grew up in the mountains of NC, and love to hike.  You can find me crawling around any mountains or hills I can find, as well as walking my dogs.  Oh, and I consider cheering for my son’s basketball team a full-body cardio workout!


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