Jana Langan

UpLift Guided Fitness for Women is a one-of-a-kind gym!!! I have been a member for more than nine years. Before I joined UpLift, I had never worked out at a gym and was afraid of the unknown of resistance training. The trainers at UpLift create personal routines for me that are unique and innovative. I know that I’m not just another person there. The trainers truly care about my progress and success in reaching the goals t I have set. They regularly re-evaluate and tweak my plan so that it works best for me and my body on a consistent basis. The one-on-one guidance and attention is excellent!

I am consistently impressed by the professionalism, commitment and dedication each and every trainer has for us, as members. The atmosphere at UpLift is professional, friendly, never intimidating, always empowering and fun!!! All of the members are enthusiastic and passionate about fitness. Because of the love for fitness that I now have (because of UpLift), in April, 2013, I was able to compete in my first, and certainly not my last, fitness competition. The support, assistance and encouragement I received from the trainers and members is INCREDIBLE! I cannot even imagine my life without UpLift Guided Fitness… it has become my second home! I LOVE TRAINING HERE!

Thank you for everything! With love, Jana


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