A Year of Commitment

Rewind to January 2017, I promised myself for the first time in my college career I would prioritize exercise. Really prioritize it. A dramatic change in my mindset, as I had this habit of making exercise the first thing I neglected when my schedule became overwhelming. That’s so easy right? There’s a list a mile long of more “important” things needing your attention.

Through my year of commitment I learned so much about myself, my body, and my abilities. But, the most significant lesson I learned was that exercise and self care is the most important thing on everyones honey-do list.

When I made this commitment, I began thinking of my workout as a meeting with myself. I penciled myself into my planner about five days per week. That hour of my day was a meeting I couldn’t cancel. The saying consistency is key became very meaningful to me. As my journey began, not only was I shedding the dreaded college weight gain (which happens to pretty much everyone), but an unexpected outcome came from following through on the promise I made to myself: newfound confidence.

Body transformation is physical, a change you can see, a tangible return on your investment. But, I would argue the lost weight and inches are just byproducts of the real transformation that takes place when you prioritize exercise. I began realizing that whatever I set my mind to I could accomplish–a mindset I translated into other aspects of my life. Confidence in my abilities to learn new things, have meaningful relationships with people, and take on my dream career full of unknowns and ambiguity grew immensely. If I wanted to do something I could–a mindset that largely lead to my decision to pursue a career in entrepreneurship. I trusted the commitments I made to myself, and when you do that the sky is the limit.

Committing to a year of consistent exercise gave me insight into the importance of self care. I learned when my body felt good, I felt good. How I felt about myself directly affected how I treated others, my daily decisions, and virtually every part of my life. I carry this knowledge with me, as making self care a priority has improved my quality of life. It seemed when I poured into my own cup, it multiplied what I could pour into other people’s cups. Then, I found myself making more positive decisions on a daily basis. I was eating nutrient-dense foods, staying on top of my dishes, cleaning my room, and even my bathroom on a regular basis. My thought process was that I deserved a well-cared for environment. My life felt more put together than it ever had.

Almost a full year later, consistent exercise has led to consistent healthy eating and challenging myself to things that stretch me and help me grow. I feel stronger than I’ve ever felt. Self care has become a lifestyle for me. Prioritizing my health is the best decision I ever made, and I’m excited to see where year two of commitment takes me.

Are you ready for a year of commitment? I promise it’s the best decision you’ll ever make.

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