Travis Nietert

What do you teach at UpLift?
I teach both a Barre type dance class as well as periodic Stretching classes. I love using both platforms as a way to let people interact with their bodies in a different way than simply copying movement and shapes. I like encouraging everyone to feel what their specific body needs and how exercises effect them individually in order to improve balance and build strength or release areas of discomfort. After-all, every body is different!

What’s your favorite part about teaching classes at UpLift?
I love working with people who come to class week after week! I try to really intentionally change the movements each week but also work the same core muscle groups in order to build upon the class from the week before. My favorite thing is to see the physical change in someone’s balance, strength and abilities! It also keeps me on my toes to make sure the class continues to be challenging for those returning as well as accessible for first time attendees!

What do you like to do when you’re not teaching group fitness classes?
I’m also the Massage Therapist at UpLift and I love interacting with the members in both of those capacities; I know that doesn’t count as a hobby, but I love what I do so I can hardly call it work. Generally I fill my free time with dancing and working with a group of artists on building a dance nonprofit that we started this year.

Why UpLift?
UpLift kind of stumbled into my life based on the recommendation of some family friends who were members, and once I met Jill and Chris I knew that I was in a place that truly supported health and wellness and all of the avenues to help individuals live their best lives. UpLift is by far the best gym that I’ve worked with and witnessed thus far; the commitment to health and life improvement is incredibly strong as well as the support by the trainers, members and of course Jill and Chris!


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