These same classes, and opportunities for personal help, are detailed in other places on our site – but in case you thought to look for nutrition classes under “Nutrition,” we wanted you to find them here.

Makes sense, don’t it?

So here are quick descriptions of our Nutrition programs, with links to the full details.

21 Day Healthy Habits Program

Jump-start your healthy weight loss!

This innovative program, used by more than 1,500 UpLift members, teaches you how to eat healthy for the rest of your life. You get lists of foods to eat, foods to avoid, menu plans, great-tasting recipes, logging sheets, and awesome bonus materials including UpLift’s original ebook, “Psychology of Eating Healthy.” Includes 5 video modules.

You will have success! Typical weight loss is 5-15 pounds in 21 days.
And that’s just the beginning, because you take what you learn and eat this way forever.

Click Here for the whole scoop of healthy information!

Nutrition One-On-One

It’s all, and only, about you!

Meet individually, via phone, Skype, and/or email (whatever works best for you), with UpLift Staff Nutritionist Christina Swigart. Nail down answers to your health and personal eating questions.

You and Christina work together to form a totally customized plan that takes into account any and all individual needs and concerns you have.

To set up a consultation with Christina, Click Here.