Rewind to January 2017, I promised myself for the first time in my college career I would prioritize exercise. Really prioritize it. A dramatic change in my mindset, as I had this habit of making exercise the first thing I neglected when my schedule became overwhelming. That’s so easy right? There’s a list a mile › Read more
Create your best life. A lot of times it seems we revert to confining ourselves in the societal norm box because it’s comfortable. Ever feel like you want to escape the ‘cubicle’ of life? We want to encourage you to be brave and do things outside the box–simply because you’re passionate about it or it › Read more
Stretching.. the dreaded part of any exercise program. Stretching takes so little time, yet is so often forgotten. It is vital in protecting your body and keeping your muscles healthy. There are different types of stretching and each comes with different benefits. Static stretching is a slow and constant stretch in a position that is › Read more
“Live a healthy lifestyle, it’s fun!” How many times have you heard that? And how many times have you rolled your eyes? Eating healthy is usually thought of as eating nothing but asparagus and chicken breast; and when it comes to exercise, you usually think of the exercise you hate the most. But, it truly › Read more
Hi my name is Emily Landers and I’d like to start off with a big thanks to Samantha Strand for the invitation to be a guest writer on behalf of Uplift Fitness, and to have the opportunity to write out my health and wellness journey. I’m so grateful to share the lessons I’ve learned, and › Read more
Routines are so helpful when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. We have three core activities in our healthy lifestyle routine: Meal planning Meal prepping Scheduling workouts in weekly time chunks There’s one other ingredient that makes this routine magic: consistency. We will admit, living a healthy lifestyle takes time and commitment. But, consistent › Read more
Body image is your own perception of your body and physical appearance. Right now we are in the prime of social media, presenting body image with a whole new set of hardships. It is easy to get on Instagram and see women who are stunning or freaks of nature, creating a picture in your mind › Read more
We wanted to share one of our favorite pieces of writing our yoga instructor Tatjana spoke to us in one of her classes. To us, it is a beautiful reminder to live life gratefully and courageously, truthfully and fervently, so that all your deepest aspirations come to color, and your life is a story of the truest › Read more
You want to know the secret to living a consistent, healthy lifestyle? Build a home team of accountability buddies–your own army of Wellness Warriors. When it comes to health and wellness, building a strong support community is crucial to your success. Best friends that know your health goals, and walk beside you to help you › Read more
Hello ladies! First and foremost, I would like to send out a HUGE thank you to you all for being so welcoming to me when I joined the UpLift team. Being able to work with women who are as strong (if not more) mentally as they are physically is such a blessing and every day › Read more
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